S1 – Acupuncture points

Acupuncture points visual display and detailed description of after selecting meridian lines.

S2 – Points and oils based on indications

After selecting the indications, you get a list of recommended acu and…

S3 – Meridians

Meridian features with images.

S4 -Auriculotherapy’s ear points

The ears are part of, and the ear acupuncture points.

S5 – 5 elements

Features of 5 phases. Which element of date of birth on the…

S6 – Essential oils

Essential oils (singles), and mixtures of essential oils (blends).

Compass in your hands

A page that helps you as a compass.
A page that helps you navigate through the details of an ancient knowledge.
A page which is the way to health.
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Acupuncture points
A lot of
Search options
Helping drawings
Helping videos
Flexible searches based on indications

Healer (natural therapist) – Developer

Tamás Ulicska

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“The disease gives the taste of health.”
What you are browsing now is the Compass for your Health.

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It has been written from Living Health site

The site provides comprehensive and thorough knowledge of acupuncture / acupressure science. Lots of useful information, all in one place, in an easy-to-use format.

Healer (natural therapist) (Hungary)

As a natural therapist, the goal was to create the page to get the most comprehensive information on the problem the fastest.

Tamás Ulicska – Healer (natural therapist) (Hungary, Körmend) – Developer