Chinese ear massage

 Fülmasszázs Chinese ear massage

The massage is done in a resting position, the whole body relax. Both eyes look ahead, the mouth and the eyes loosely closed, the tongue affected the roof of the mouth, breathing is natural and continuous, the face express smile. The massage is slow, rhythm player and must be continuous, in accordance with the breathing.

First step:
1 – The simultaneous massage of the ear front and back part

1st step

Second step:
2 – Massage of the ear tip, the opposing cartilaginous bulge (Antitragus) and the ear lobe

2nd step

Third step:
3 – Massage of the Cavum concha

3rd step

Fourth step:
4 – Massage of the Cymba concha

4th step

Fifth step:
5 – The external ear (auditory) canal massage

5th step

Sixth step:
6 – Massage of the Triangular fossa and the upper part of the antihelix

6th step

Seventh step:
7 – Massage of the Scapha and the internal edge of the Antihelix

7th step

Eighth step:
8 – Massage of the front and back part of the parotic

8th step